Changing lives, one warrior at a time.

Originally founded as an organization to help veterans enjoy an active lifestyle, we are now a 501(c)(3) Public Charity devoted to meeting a wide range of veterans’ needs. From emergency relief to financial assistance to family retreats, we passionately design and provide diverse programs and services with the help of like-minded partners and supporters who believe as we do in “changing lives, one warrior at a time.”

Alternative Therapy for Veterans

With local volunteers and participating providers we give warriors, their caregivers, and their families three days of rest in a relaxing atmosphere.

Sporting Programs for Veterans

Our founder’s passion for angler fishing has evolved into a program that provides a transformative weekend to be with other veterans and feel safe. 

Useful Links, Information and Valuable Resources

We’re proud of the company we keep. Here’s a list of partners and helpful resources that help veterans, their caregivers, and their families.

Services for Veterans

We help veterans and their families see the light at the end of the tunnel by providing needed relief after a qualifying event or emergency.

23 Suicides

a Day is

Too Many.

(22 Veterans and 1 active services member a day commit suicide.)

Getting help…

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness

Our Traumatic Stress Recovery Programs addresses the mental health and cognitive needs of warriors returning from war.

We can be a valued partner in the process of transition

Warriors can make the most of their benefits and successfully transition to life after injury. Our certified Veteran’s Service Officers can help.

Knowing when you need help can be a fresh, new start

One way to evaluate whether you could benefit from mental health treatment is to do an “interference check.”

Seeking professional help is necessary sometimes

If an emergency, call 911 immediately. Or go to your nearest emergency room. Call the Veteran’s Crisis line at 800-273-8255, press 1.

We’re impacting lives daily. 
Extend our reach even further.

Recently discharged? Wondering what’s next?

We’ve been there. We know what you’re going through. Returning to civilian life can be challenging – especially without support and understanding. But you don’t have to go through it all alone. We have a wide range of services and programs to meet your needs and the needs of your family. We don’t promise a life free from problems but we do promise to do what we can to “give back” to you as you so generously gave to your country. Click the button below to read more information.

Real Stories.

Real People.

Just like you.

You’ll enjoy our blog’s down-to-earth style.

From uncertainty to injury to transformation.

A good student, Pete Paskewicz graduated third in his high school class with aspirations to continue onto college. Things didn’t go as planned. Instead he enlisted in the Marines to support his country at the onset of the war in Iraq. Again, things didn’t go as planned. As a matter of fact, everything changed. So did Pete. His journey of uncertainty, injury and transformation is worth reading. 

Military Tribute Banner Program

Our Calendar

of Events

Our events are far from ordinary. Their purpose is to offer support, hope, and life change to veterans and their families. At our events you’ll be arm-in-arm with others who share your unique perspective and experiences as a veteran. Together we can build a better future. 

“Changing Lives, One Warrior at a Time!”

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