Founded originally in 2010 by David Souders, a Marine Corps veteran and Air Force and Judy Souders his Wife & Caregiver. The Co-Founders have dedicated themselves to helping others going through like situations and have now turned David’s passion for fishing into a means of helping other Wounded Warriors and veterans realize they are still capable of enjoying life, along with an active lifestyle after life changing injuries. In mid - 2010, David started taking other Wounded Warriors fishing while still living on the Eastern Shore in Harrington, Delaware.

In early 2011 after being transferred to North Fort Myers for work with the United States Department of Agriculture and while going to the Ft. Myers VA Healthcare Clinic David started regularly taking other Warrior fishing. We continued this effort for almost a year before making move forward with the concept of making Wounded Warrior Anglers of America a Public Charity. In July of 2012, the organization held its first Warrior, Caregiver, and Family Retreat thereby starting Wounded Warrior Anglers original programs, known as the “Warrior, Caregiver, and Family Retreat Program" and "Warrior Related Programs".

In October of 2012, Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. was officially grant its 501(C) (3) Public Charity status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Therefore all donates made to the organization are tax deductible.

In October of 2012, Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. was officially grant its 501(C) (3) Public Charity status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Over the next 18 month with the help of many different supporter, sponsors, and individuals Wounded Warrior Anglers was able continue its work of helping families within its original Warrior, Caregiver, and Family Retreat Program. In May of 2014 the Board of Director decided to implement the Chartered Chapter model that was afford by original documents as set-up by the co-founders, which was the start of the "Wounded Warrior Anglers Chartered Chapter Program".

Come October 2014, after seeing that there was need to help assist Wounded Warrior in need due to financial hardship within the areas that Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. serviced. Our Board of Directors implemented the "Wounded Warrior Anglers Acts of Kindness Emergency Relief Program".

In April of 2015, the organizations Rod Building Program was born within our "Warrior Related Programs" and has been a huge success. This is due to partnerships developed between Wounded Warrior Anglers, American Tackle Co., and Mosquito Creek Rod Crafters.

In November of 2015, the organization continued to be drawn be the need to expand its programs and services in helping our veterans and need. Witha long withstanding partnership, guidedance, and help of the members of the Seafarer's International Union we were able to moce forward with developing and building out our National Headquarters and Training Center in Cape Coral, Florida. The center opened on February 9, 2016.

As the organizations program conitued to develop and needs for services are meet by the Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. It had become increasingly mor and more difficult to raise funds because the preception of the organization was one of only a group of veterans fishing. Our Board of Directors set forth to find the answers to correcting the misconception of the of goals and mission of helping veterans in need.

As leader we kept getting consistant feedback that the name Wounded Warrior Anglers really said very little about what we actually did as an organization for our veterans. As Officers and Board of Directors we listened to tour supportors and set forth to properly rebranding the organization.

On September 21, 2016; with great research and deliberation we choose to rename the organization as AMERICAN MILITARY VETERANS FOUNDATION, INC. and will use AMMILVETS as its official the accronym.