Electric Wheelchair Program

Some veterans are waiting months to receive help from the Veterans Administration or do not qualify for wheelchairs, even though their doctor has determined they have a need.  American Military Veterans Foundation provides the Wheels for Disabled Veterans Program for disabled veterans. 

Our Wheels for Disabled Veterans Program providing disabled veterans in need of mobility with new, refurbished, or used power wheelchairs and scooters.

The Wheels for Disabled Veterans Program was started when the founder of American Military Veterans Foundation had a doctor appointment with his primary care physician at the local VA Healthcare Clinic and his doctor said that he had a needed for power wheelchair for mobility and he didn’t know anyone that had any. The first recipient was a 92 year old disabled veterans of World War II couldn’t walk anymore without assistance. His doctor at the local VA Clinic prescribed him a power wheelchair, but did not qualify for a power wheelchairs from the Veterans Administration because he was able to walk with limited assistance for more than 25 feet.  About a month earlier, American Military Veterans Foundation had received 6 power wheelchairs as a donation from a local donor for a veteran in need.  

We picked up the 6 power wheelchairs, refurbished all of them, and delivered one. The disabled veteran was like a kid at Christmas riding our headquarters. 
With the help of other veterans’ organizations, the Wheels for Disabled Veterans Program has helped 11 veterans that needed the assistance of an power wheelchairs or scooters.  That is how the program got started.  Word got out and a total of 13 donated power wheelchairs and scooters have been received so far. 
Our mission is to provide free power wheelchairs & scooters, repair and provide new batteries, if needed, to disabled veterans needing mobility. It doesn’t matter when your service was.  It doesn’t matter if your disability is war-related. It just matters that you served and you need help now. There is no cost to the veterans.  
The only requirement is that when the chair is no longer needed, we ask that it is returned so it can be made ready for another veteran.

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