Range Day for Veterans

In 2010, as Wounded Warrior Anglers we developed our Sporting Programs for Veterans, aimed at providing our Disabled Veterans with a recreational fishing opportunities.

Even though our first Sporting Programs for Veterans originally started as a program strictly for fishing and to help Disabled Veterans struggling with physical injuries, PTSD and other emotional distress a unique alternative mental health program.

In 2017, the organization found the need to change its name legally, choosing American Military Veterans Foundation, Inc. along with that comes enhanced programs within our Sporting Programs for Veterans to assist all Veterans, Disabled Veterans with the mission to share the healing power of multiple sporting activities. In February 2017; David Souders, AMMILVETS FOUNDATION National Commander and Paul Croteau, Post Commander of AMMILVETS Post 1 Terrell W. Brooks Sr. Memorial set forth to developing the newest program Range Days for Veterans in February 2017, by providing a day of interactive shooting and comradery at a local gun range in a structured environment of Range Days for Veterans program run by our volunteers and instructors at Fowler Firearms & Gun Range.

Our program outreach includes local Vet Centers, Veterans Affairs Healthcare Facilities, and Community-based Medical Centers.
Range Days for Veterans is continual, and provided by our volunteers are designed as group activities to help Veterans, Disabled Veterans develop a sense of comradery and generally have fun.

Members who regularly attend Range Days for Veterans events build confidence to further pursue creative self-expression and engagement within their communities.

In the future we hope some Range Days for Veterans participants go on to volunteer to help other Veterans, Disabled Veterans.

All Range Days for Veterans events are provided to the Veterans, Disabled Veterans at a minimal charge. The program provides range use, gun rental, and targets. The only cost to the Veterans, Disabled Veterans attending is the cost of ammo for their day of shooting. The Demand for the Range Days for Veterans continues to rise and though virtually all resources raised for this program go directly into events, supplies, travel, and refreshments, we sadly cannot help every qualified applicant because range space and funding is limited.

Together, we can bring more Range Days for Veterans events to our Veterans, Disabled Veterans with donations of money for equipment, ammunition, and related gear. By making a donation you can help defray the cost for our Veterans, Disabled Veterans attending our Range Days for Veterans events and enable us to continue sharing the healing power of alternative based therapy with deserving heroes locally.

“Changing Lives, One Warrior at a Time!”

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