AmMilVets - National Districts

Starting a American Military Veteran Foundation (AmMilVets) Chartered Post.

We’ll help you through the start-up process and beyond, but here are the basic steps involved in starting a program. Contact the American Military Veteran Foundation (AmMilVets) Headquarters & Training Center located in Cape Coral, Florida, we will provide you with the Program Guide and other documents related to getting started, as well as contact information, support and advice. Please submit your request through the Contact Us page. Sign the Memorandum of Agreement to become part of the National Organization. Educate yourselves about American Military Veteran Foundation (AmMilVets) so that you can make an effective presentation to the military or VA hospital/facility in your area. Once your core group of (12) life members requirements have been fulfilled, and all required paperwork submitted you will be well on your way to having a local AmMilVets Post.