Keith Campbell

About Me

Owner operator of Campbell Consulting Inc., he moving to Southwest Florida in 2004, just two weeks before Hurricane Charley swept through the area.

Before moving to Florida he managed a family-owned restaurant for 11 years and he ran a popular New England franchise for 6 years.

Once Campbell arrived in Florida he began working for corporate 7-Eleven for 7 years.

"I decided to start my own consulting business where I assist business owners with such things as human resource issues, quality control, front (and) back office operations (and) profitability operations," he said. "I'll even assist in finding them new product to bring into their stores. I've been successfully growing my business for 6 years now."

After having a conversation with one of the owners from Miceli’s Restaurant in Matlacha, Campbell learned about Wounded Warrior Anglers and decided to attend an event to become more familiarized with the organization.

"After meeting its co-founders Dave and Judy Souders I knew I wanted to be part of it. They are dedicated, humble and have great knowledge about the needs of our vets," he said.

When the opportunity rose, Campbell knew he wanted to submit his resume to be considered as a new board member of Wounded Warrior Anglers.

Although I was never in the military, my father and other family members were," he said. "I have a heart for our veterans and I feel it’s an honor to support our vets anyway I can," he said.

Becoming a board member is a blessing for Campbell because it provides another way for him to give back to veterans who have done so much for this country.

As a board member, Campbell hopes to assist in fundraising efforts, as well as bring more awareness to the organization.

"I love to see new chapters across the country open to continue the ongoing PTSD support these veterans so desperately need.

Campbell is married to his high school sweetheart and has two grown sons.