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To help warriors make the most of their benefits and successfully transition to life after injury, our certified Veteran’s Service Officer(s) provides the tools they need to become financially secure.

Unlike traditional models of veterans’ services, we identify the warrior’s individual needs, in addition to providing economic empowerment. Our Veteran’s Benefits Service team ensures warriors and their families have information and access to government benefits, as well as our full range of programs and the community resources necessary for successful transition to life after injury.

A key part of this program is support and education for warriors, as well as their family members and caregivers. We advise warriors on their veteran benefits, along with information on how to access those services through Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Our service personnel work closely with each agency so they can walk warriors through every step of the process. When a claim is filed, we make sure it is processed correctly the first time and guide injured service members through this crucial part of their transition.

If you are in need of benefits assistance, Wounded Warrior Anglers of America, Inc. ® (WWAA) can help. WWAA is a VA accredited organization and has experienced teammates to help veterans with their VA benefits claims. Please contact us at WWAA Veteran’s Service Officer for help with your VA benefits claims.


These documents are always free to obtain for the service member and family members. Requests can be processed online or by mail/fax. To complete the online form or to print the form and mail/fax it to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), please follow the link below.

Click here to request a copy of your military service record.

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